Friday, August 8, 2014

Three cute girls

  Hi, there!
  I want to speak today about some friends of mine. This post is only about 3 of them (Iza, Lavi, Tea) , I will write about the rest in the following posts. I will put them in alphabetical order so that they won't mind or get upset on me. I have so many things about them, so I will write a post for each one !:)
   Iza is 11 years old (she'll be 11 on 13 august). She's an ordinary girl, she talks with everyone about simple subjects and she's very sociable, even if she doesn't express herself very well. She usually doesn't show her feelings and she always says beautiful words to make a person happy. She can't keep a secret for a long time because people can influence her so easy, really too easy, and Iza is so vulnerable.... This is her main shortcoming! Otherwise she is a lovely partner for new pranks!:) If she is involved in a roguery she will never say a word about it to her parents or other adults! She is the perfect accomplice:) And Iza likes animals very much...:)
   Lavi is Iza's cousin. She's 9. She is so beautiful and feminine. She is a pure child, sensible, loving, sweet and cute. She really loves me and she would do anything for me. I'm sure like that because she has made so many important things for me. I really like her. She dreams to become an adult so soon, so she enjoys to spend her free time with older children - with me especially.:) I haven't got any bad word about her. Lavi is so shy, very-very shy, so she's like me...:) She loves the carrots, puppies and kittens very much. And she loves very-very much the kids...:) Lavi usually doesn't want to play running games. Lavi prefers the talking games (another thing from Lavi's nature who makes she to be as I am). She isn't very clever, but in the relations with people is so skilled. Her ideas is so funny. If you want a nice day, full of different happenings, you must visit her! Lavi is sweetest girl on Earth for me!
Lavi with my little sister, Elena (in this photo Lavi doesn't look so good as she is in reality!:)
   Now, at the end, let speak about Tea. Tea is 9. If you aren't good friend with her, you can expect everything from her part!:)) She is very clever, very beautiful, attractive, different, full of new ideas and smiles. Tea really likes good jokes (unconcerned if she would help to do the pranks) and the stories who scare everyone. Tea is a friend very devoted and she always defends her friends, even they aren't right. If you need someone which give you some information about a person, Tea is the right human. Not only she will told you want you want, but she will gossip so much about the person in case!:) So, Tea is perfect for a spy. When she is sad, she usually says the true, but sometimes the questions make her happy, so you'd better not put her quiz when she is sad, just speak with her about simple subjects (for example: school, food, movies, music etc.). I really love her: she is always happy, her imagination can brings you so far. Tea is a lovely and cute friend, I always need her. She can't get bored. I'm one of her very good friends (she says that, not only me) and I hope she loves me like I love her!:)



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