Saturday, August 9, 2014

A Simple's Woman Daybook

For today...
Saturday, 9 august 2014
Outside my window...
It's sunny and the hot summer smile to every one of here!:) A perfect day for a trip! I hope you have a generous sun too...:) You know: I love the hot!
I am thinking...
At our next trip at the seaside. From my part, I can spend 1 week with my grandparents, not 10 days with my family at seaside.... But mum and dad want to come with them... Finally, I will do as they want, sure...:)
I am thankful...
For our new car!!:)

In the kitchen ...
I don't know what is there, last time when I visited the kitchen were so many people who were eating (mum, dad, Iuliana, Eca and Ionuț - Grigo and Elena were staing in their bedroom and looking at some books).
I am wearing...
A witheT-shirt with purple drawings ad a skirt with pink flowers...:)
I am creating...
Nothing yet. But I am looking for a performer daybook, with key!:)
I am going... 
To finished my homework for this holiday.
I am reading...
"Neverending story", "Memories" (by Alexandre Dumas) and I started to read "Suleyman the Magnificent and the Hurrem sultan".
I am hoping...
That my parents will let me with my grandparents!:)
Around the house...
Just me and my big sister are awake... Mum and the other children are sleeping!:)
I am listening...
Nothing. The silence or the cars who pass on the street.
One of my favorite things...
A few plans for the rest of the week...
I don't have... Perhaps to make more sport....;)
A favorite quote for today...
Ya, I have already told some of you: "Children are seeing everything in nothing, while the adults are seeing nothing in everything".
A peek into my day...
 Grigo, Elena, Eca and our little nighbor, Eli, have found 2 little puppies!:)

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  1. Thanks for letting us have a peek at your day, by the way, a wonderful day!

    1. Thank you, dear Kirsty! Have a wonderful day too!!

  2. Wow! The puppy is very nice! ♥

  3. Thank you for your sweet words on my blog...and thank you for this little peek into your life.

    1. Thank you too, Lynette! I'm glad that you like my peek! Kisses!

  4. Oooh wow! holiday by seaside? go, even if you are with your parents! something good will happen, just wait and see! I don't regret not a single vacation with my parents, even if it was ages ago! :) good memories that last through the years! :)

    1. But the problem wasn't my parents...:) Only the idea that the mountains are good for my health problem (I'm a bit anemic, and I always want to reach at a good health)... But the seaside has won!:))) Kisses! Thank you very much for good thoughts that you leave on my little page!:) P.S.: You were right with your words: "something good will happen"!:) I will make a post with our trip..;


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