Saturday, November 29, 2014

Robin Hood BBC

 One of my favourite serials. I love this movie, I love the characters, I love all of it. I haven't got any words to describe my soul while I was looking at the episodes. Scare, nerves, love, hate, congratulations, disagree, so many feelings made me a fan of this film.

Perhaps you already know about Robin Hood and his little group of friends (Little John, March, Jack, Will and Marian). Every man of this group symbolizes something:
-Little John: power
-March: he was the first friend of Robin and he's a simple man with a simple mind, symbolizing the true fried-love
-Will: the man who takes your trust very easy and it's very devoted.
-Jack: the last frind of Robin Hood; it's a "she" (Sofia), not a "he", but for first, in the story, she tried to appeared like a "he"; she's the most clever chemist, the mother of all the poisons and potions
-Marian: the female character, Robin's love, Robin's savior, the spy of the band who told the Serif's secrets; she represents the intellingence mixed with the heart's feelings, the voice of conscience; I loveeeeeee her very, very, very much and I love the way of her life ending; I have cried very much at the last episode from season 2, I have no words to describe all the feeling for her
I like very all the movie. I LOVE IT! I can't describe, I repet, I haven't got words to say all my feelings of that movie. All I have to say it's that I wouldn't stop it. I love the Marian ending more that the rest parts, perhaps you already know I like the sad endings, when people begin to cry. This is me and I can't change myself. The last thought I want told you is just this:


Saturday, November 15, 2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Thoughts before winter comes...

I need someone who keep my childhood free for the rest of my life. I believe I lose something from my chilhood. I don't know what, but through this school, I can't keep the child from my soul. I hope it's a mistake, but I'm afraid it's true. 

Outside of this, I'm still love winter before the winter celebrations. I can't wait no more Christmas! I need carols at our door, I need light in my soul, I need peace in my world, I need love for my heart!
 Thanks the God, I have got a true friend! Thanks the God, I have got a true lover family! Thanks the God, I have got souls who help me if I need help!

Love you:
-my family
-my frinends
-my readers:)
<3 :*


Saturday, October 4, 2014


Love is the best sentiment of the world. It's hard to really love someone. But we have to try more and more with every day who already went by....


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Why worry?

I know that I have rarely visited my blogs since the begining of the school. I'm very busy with homewoeks and tests paper. I was excited to see my collegues, my teachers, my old school. Three students left our class. One boy left us for football, a girl for painting and other girl for more good studies. I wrote a message to the boy to say him goodbye from class part (last year I was the head of my class). And with the 2 girls I talked with them last week. The 2 girls are satisfied of them class. Out of that, they have finally found their dream in life, I understood. I'm glad for my girls! Good luck, darlings!

I am again the head of my class. I thank my collegues for that. I'm glad my English teacher like me for this "job". I hope I'll never make mistakes in name of my class.... But I mustn't think bad!:) So: "I will make evrything perfect! ". Good, Maria, now it's better!:)

This year I'm working for Romania, religon, physics and English Olympics. I'm past it!:)

On other side of my life's way I'm still a child. Look, I still remember that!:) (I mean that other children have forgotten this lately...:(   ) I'm happy because God bless me with a wonderful family, lovely, funny and sweety friends, a big car (because our old car was so small for our big family), health, wisdom, talents.... for everything I have from Him. I thank The God for days from my life. Thinking at this, I become more happy that I was before. God don't make the humans to be sad. Try to be more happy, to be more patient and everything will be better than it was.

Since last week we have gone to our grandparents to take there the dinner with them and my uncle and his wife. His wife will have a baby in October and my mother in November....:) I will miss this moments, I believe. So, I'd better live my life at maximum!:) That's from a friend.... The expression!:))

Have a nice evening and an easy week!:) Don't forget: be happy and thank the God!