Sunday, May 22, 2016

Bilingual exam

Yes, I've decided, I am going to take (or not to take, never say never :-? ) this exam. I am not a performer, but there is a way for everything you want. I speak english less than I understand it :) . I have listened to some books in english, books that I read before, so I understood the words. For example (dont laugh), I've learned that "Be easy" means..."Be calm/keep calm" or whatever ("stai calm" mai exact :))) ). 

At school, my teacher helped us:she gave us books for olympics. I am afraid at word building, because...I usually hear the built word :) , but it is not always the right too. 

I must confess :) - I am afaraid of the writing exam than the oral one...But, thanks God, I have faith that everything is really going to be aaaalright :) .
Have a blessed weeeek! ❤

P. S. : I will try to be more active on this blog. I think it missed me at least as much as I missed it. :))
P. P. S.: I am going to show you some photos...  from Iași, a city in my country. I was there for a competition...