Saturday, November 29, 2014

Robin Hood BBC

 One of my favourite serials. I love this movie, I love the characters, I love all of it. I haven't got any words to describe my soul while I was looking at the episodes. Scare, nerves, love, hate, congratulations, disagree, so many feelings made me a fan of this film.

Perhaps you already know about Robin Hood and his little group of friends (Little John, March, Jack, Will and Marian). Every man of this group symbolizes something:
-Little John: power
-March: he was the first friend of Robin and he's a simple man with a simple mind, symbolizing the true fried-love
-Will: the man who takes your trust very easy and it's very devoted.
-Jack: the last frind of Robin Hood; it's a "she" (Sofia), not a "he", but for first, in the story, she tried to appeared like a "he"; she's the most clever chemist, the mother of all the poisons and potions
-Marian: the female character, Robin's love, Robin's savior, the spy of the band who told the Serif's secrets; she represents the intellingence mixed with the heart's feelings, the voice of conscience; I loveeeeeee her very, very, very much and I love the way of her life ending; I have cried very much at the last episode from season 2, I have no words to describe all the feeling for her
I like very all the movie. I LOVE IT! I can't describe, I repet, I haven't got words to say all my feelings of that movie. All I have to say it's that I wouldn't stop it. I love the Marian ending more that the rest parts, perhaps you already know I like the sad endings, when people begin to cry. This is me and I can't change myself. The last thought I want told you is just this:



  1. imi place si cartea, si special cel de desene animate!

    1. L-am văzut și pe acela.... Dar când eram mică!:) The one made by BBC, in my eyes, is the best...:))

  2. I don' t see this movie yet, but you made me verry currious. I want to see it next week.

    PS: Iarta- mi îndrăzneala de a posta in engleza desi am o grămadă de lacune si abia acum încerc sa invat cate ceva. Sa stii ca nu mă voi supăra daca nu vei aproba comentariul, sunt sigura ca am scris cu nenumărate greseli.

    1. Când folosești "yet", trebuie să pui "haven't seen", nu "don't"!:) Asta e singura greșeală mai "importantă"!:)

      Domane, Corina, cum să nu îl public! Ce-i drept, eu public comm-urile mai târziu din cauza lipsei de timp, dar niciodată nu le șterg!:) Mă bucur că încerci, engleza nu e grea deloc dacă o înveți puțin câte puțin! :)

      Te pup, Corina!:*

  3. Mi-a placut romanul si am vazut mai multe filme cu si despre Robin Hood :) Serialul despre care scrii nu l-am vazut...
    Spor in toate cele!
    Pupici cu drag!

    1. Merită văzut, îți garantez! :*

      Te pup, Diana! <3


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