Friday, July 11, 2014

When did my football start?:)

   I don't know... what I shall tell you first! But, if I am thinking more about this, I realize today I will talk about my football...:)
   On my birthday I was playing for first time football with my brother. Why? Because I always see boys who play football and that puts me a question: "If I am clever, why can't I play football?". But, sure, I don't want to play with other boys who can laugh about my mistakes anytime. So, when we went to "Uu Colț de Rai" ("A Corner of Heaven") I believed I found the perfect moment and place to test my football...:) I have playing all evening long, so there it was a big fun!:) Of course, after reading so much a book with my favorite detective: Hercule Poirot. I'm sorry because I haven't got photos with our games, but I'm sure that you have already feel even a little desire to take a walk for this afternoon, haven't you?:) I'm good (but not very) at football, but I enjoy more the handball!:)

Happy weekend, dear friends, full of funny and charming surprises!

   Have you tasted a little mirth?:)


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