Monday, July 28, 2014

Some kids want to be adults...

   Sorry, I haven't written lately.... I want to remember you how beautiful is the life, how deep is the music, how lovely is reading, how much love has to offer each. Sometimes is sunny, sometimes is cloudy, but our smiles can change your world. Now I'm reading "MEMORIES" by Alexandre Dumas. He was a normal boy: hunting lover, adventures lover, restless... And he has told that he haven't had any pants without only one hole.... For 16 years he haven't cared how he look... So, for 16 years he have been a really child.....:) So, for 16 years he have lived his life at maxim....:)
   Today, a part of kids are thinking how can they seem big... Why don't they live their childhood? When I was little, I don't remember one day that I haven't made any practical trick... I saw a pic with that message: "Kids see everything in nothing, adults see nothing in everithing!".



  1. Hello my little angel, I am so glad you still keep writing in english and you doing so well.
    You are very nice, smart child and if all children could be like you the world could be more nicer!!!

    The song is just amazing, listening it right now :)

    I love you sweetie!!! xxx

    1. Hello, dear Liuba! Thank you!
      How can I discard to write in this language?:) But I haven't had ideeas.....:)
      Oh, my dear, I wish you will meet some people who will make your life more beautifull, who will make you think that the world can be very nice if we descovered it patiently.... I hope to be happy, Liuba, even the kids aren't like me....:) Thank you for sweet thoughts!
      Kisses, my darling!!


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