Friday, April 4, 2014

The weather

I don't bear the freezing. I prefer the sunny weather because I play outside with my friends day in, day out. The warm make me happy and I love stay with other children in sunlight. For me - whose birthday is on first July -  the sun is very important for my freshness. But there are days with clouds who give me a long, long meditation, a sweet melancholy. This day is one of this. Is a terrible wind. It isn't a spring's wind! It's a story's wind...:) By "The wizard of Oz".:) I remember that Dorothy was taken by a cyclone... I don't want be like her...:) I miss the sun, the cold, the songs of the birds, the cheerfulness and ... the charming smile of the people and my smile too!:)


  1. I don't like spring and neither autumn, i don't hate this 2 seasons, but just don't like. My birthday is in i like winter and i adore snow, but obvious i like summer too, i really like summer and i can't wait for this summer, actually I wait the last month of summer, i mean august, yeahh...hard summer, exams and the rest...but i still waiting this summer and i hope to be legendary, actually I will do to be a legendary summer. I hope your summer be the same as mine... except the exams...this part it's sucks

    1. My birthday is on first July!:) I like my date of birth because 1 is a sample digit, it can retain fast, it's the middle of the summer, nearly!:) And sometime I can celebrate it in a trip... Once year we was in Greece on my birthday... at sea... Lovely! I think like you about exams... I have 2, but in May...:) In eighth class I will not wait so happy the summer!:) And I don't like autumn or spring, but I like 1 March because I know after spring, the summer will come...:) And the winter... yes... I very like. I true love it before holidays and when it's snowy!:)


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